Bowl Pick ‘Em: Dénouement

With Bama’s drubbing of Notre Dame in the National Championship, the inaugural (Or did we have one last year?  You tell me.  Seriously, tell me.) ALDLAND Bowl Pick ‘Em Challenge is over.  I promised I would write a post about the winner, and so here I am, writing something again for the first time in what seems like forever.  The actual winner was blog founder AD, who is widely believed to have cheated to win.  Just kidding, I don’t want to tag him with that kind of label because it might one day adversely affect his candidacy for the Bowl Pick ‘Em Hall of Fame.  Since you know everything there is to know about AD already (quick recap: is a brony, believes he has a pen pal in Burkina Faso, although in reality it is just Chris Cunico humoring him, favorite athlete of all time is Bobby Higginson) I am going to write about the runner up DRTAZ 1.

DRTAZ 1 is an interesting guy . . . or girl.  The reality is that we don’t know anything about him . . . or her.  An APB was put out on the tweet yesterday which received no response, so I am just going to make stuff up, much like I just did about AD (or did I?).  DRTAZ 1’s name derives from his or her favorite Looney Toons character of all time, the Tasmanian Devil.  Interestingly enough, DRTAZ 1 hates Dizzy Devil, the Tasmanian Devil analogue from Tiny Toon Adventures as he or she thinks that Dizzy Devil destroys the integrity of the Tasmanian Devil.  Let’s be real, DRTAZ 1 is totally right about Tiny Toons.  That show suuuuuuuuuuuucked.  It was all about Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, am I right?  Anyway, DRTAZ 1 can often be seen wearing gear with the Tasmanian Devil on it and has many Taz stuffed animals lying around the house.

Now, you might have heard “stuffed animals” and said, “I know who DRTAZ 1 is: popular podcast humor fodder, Bad Jeremy!”  I can confirm that Bad Jeremy is not DRTAZ 1, because he knows absolutely nothing about college football.  Furthermore, he is not allowed to use the internet so he couldn’t fill out a bowl pick ‘em entry.  He is also not a doctor, which DRTAZ 1 obviously is.  DRTAZ 1 graduated at the top of his or her class from the University of Miami’s medical school, where he or she was best friends with Marvelous of 7th Floor Crew fame.  After graduation DRTAZ 1 decided that he or she did not want to practice medicine and instead embarked on a career making art using those little plastic things you put on a peg board and then iron so that they make a shape.  Contrary to what you might think, DRTAZ 1’s favorite subject for little plastic thing art is not in fact the Tazmanian Devil, rather it is the Busby series of video games.

I don’t have much to say about DRTAZ 1’s entry.  It’s linked above, so you can check it out for yourself.  He or she simply picked better than everyone except AD.  As such, he or she is entitled to a receipt signed by AD as well as a signed Andy Brink head shot.


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