ALDLAND goes to The Game

Blog founder and fearless leader AD might be in the process of moving to Hotlanta, but that doesn’t mean that ALDLAND will stop bringing you exciting content.  This weekend, yours truly will be heading to the biggest rivalry around.  That’s right, The Game.  Harvard.  Yale.  The Bulldogs vs. the Crimson.  These two nerd factories have been going at it since 1875, so there’s been a lot of time to build up bad blood.  Yale is looking to break a five game losing streak to its bitter rival, but it won’t come easy, as this year’s edition of The Game is in Cambridge, MA (or Lamebridge if you are a Yale grad).  Yale is sitting at 1-5, but any Bulldog would tell you that it will be a great season if they can beat the Crimson.  As with any rivalry game, you can throw out the record books when these two rivals take the field at Harvard Stadium.  Look for more content in the coming days, as ALDLAND live tweets the gameday experience and brings you a full recap next week.  Maybe we will even snap some pictures with Handsome Dan himself.

Name Harvard Yale
Established 1636 1701
Nickname Crimson Bulldogs
Mascot John Harvard Handsome Dan
Fight Song Ten Thousand Men of Harvard Down the Field
# of Bad Jeremys Produced 0 1


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