ALDLAND Pen Pal Project: Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is in jail. He doesn’t want to be in jail, and he especially doesn’t want to be in solitary confinement. And even though his confinement hasn’t prevented him from winning a fourth ESPY as fighter of the year or becoming the highest paid athlete in the world (and interestingly, the only member of the top 25 on that list to get there with $0.00 in endorsements).

For Floyd, though, everything, including the money, really is all about the attention, which brings us to the tweet that showed up on his account this week:

Perhaps we, the writers and readers of ALDLAND, should collaborate to send Floyd a letter. Please add your contribution in the comment section, below.


3 thoughts on “ALDLAND Pen Pal Project: Floyd Mayweather

  1. Dear Floyd,
    Don’t sweat the time in jail. Las Vegas in the summer is no picnic, probably better to be inside, in the air conditioned comfort of your own cell. We are a little concerned about how you’ll spend the time though. With no WWE wrestlers or women to beat, or children to threaten, what will you do? This could be a great opportunity to get your GED! Or learn a second language! Or maybe just do a ton of push ups. Your call.

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