ALDLAND’s March Madness Challenge: Standings after two rounds

We’re up to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which means that you’ve probably figured out by now that your approach to predicting this thing has– to be generous– a few imperfections. It also means that we’re one-third of the way through the tournament, and we’ve whittled a field of sixty-eight down to sixteen.

Before the action resumes on Thursday, let’s take a gander at the current standings in ALDLAND’s Mad as a March Hare March Madness Challenge. We had twenty-one entries, and the top ten looks like this:

Click here to see the full standings.

My initial observations upon surveying the field are that the first and second place entries, Bingo Bango and SemiNOLA are a cut above the rest. Even though a 70.5 accuracy rate suggests that SemiNOLA should be pretty good through the rest of the tournament, the fact that s/he already picked FSU to win it all and has a miniscule 520 possible points remaining means that those of you who picked SemiNOLA in the derivative brackets bracket probably are in some trouble. Along those lines, the entries with the best odds, based on past performance and PPR are Bingo Bango (secret formula predicts a first-place finish, currently in first); mjpascha 1 (T-2/T-3); WrckMTech 2 (T-2/T-3); lranthony1 1 (4/T-3); and FBDOCameron 1 (5/T-3). Careful readers will note that ALDLAND writers Brendan and I are not in the top ten, predicting games at astoundingly poor accuracy rates of 19.5% and 25.6%, respectively.

Finally, early leaders in the best-entry-name category go to Golbourne Supremacy and Escaped from a Tchiengang.

Enjoy the games this week.

4 thoughts on “ALDLAND’s March Madness Challenge: Standings after two rounds

  1. One additional note: of all the entries with national champions still in contention (16/21), only two picked a team other than Kentucky or UNC.

  2. I let my octopus pick my bracket, and I’m sitting in 3rd now with the possibility of getting the final 4 correct. Where did you find the dog who does chemistry? We need help in the lab.

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