Prince Fielder Signs with the Tigers

Dave Cameron, whose work I know and respect from the blog USS Mariner recently wrote this post in reaction to the Prince Fielder signing.  The gist of the article is that while Fielder’s signing, coupled with the presence of Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander, will make the Tigers a contender for the next few years, the Tigers will eventually regret the contract as Fielder ages and presumably declines in skill.
Dave Cameron’s a sharp guy, and he can do the math and work out the expected value of Fielder in wins to the Tigers next year and over the lifetime of his contract a lot better than I can, so there’s not a whole lot I have to say that he doesn’t say in that article.  In the end, I think the Tigers are incredibly short sighted for pulling the trigger on Fielder.  For this deal to be worth it, the Tigers absolutely must bring Detroit its first World Series championship since 1984.  A few division titles and a pennant or two aren’t going to cut it when Fielder is 34 and stumbling around the base paths en route to hitting 18 homers and batting .260.  The contract might not even be worth it if the Tigers win a World Series, if it cripples the franchise for years to come afterward (although given the fact that Detroit is now paying three players 20 million dollars per year, that is not a given).
Furthermore, as Cameron notes, this money could be better spent elsewhere.  He suggests Jose Reyes and CJ Wilson as two players the Tigers could have signed for around the same money they gave to Fielder.  Having watched the Tigers a lot in the past year, I felt they needed a pitcher more than they needed another impact bat going into 2012.  Obviously the injury to DH/C Victor Martinez changed that, however if I was Tigers GM Dave Dombrowksi, I would have signed a pitcher CJ Wilson and traded a couple prospects for a bat like Houston’s Carlos Lee who could help Detroit in 2012 without hindering the franchise’s ability to contend later on.  But perhaps there’s a reason that he is a major league GM and I am not.  I guess we’ll find out in four or five years.


2 thoughts on “Prince Fielder Signs with the Tigers

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