11|11|11: A three-for-one holiday

Rare is the day that is three holidays in one. Thinking about it for zero seconds, I can’t think of another day like this one.

First up is Veterans’ Day. It’s tough if not impossible to say something that seems really genuine on the internet, much less in a blurb on a silly site like this, but here we are, so I’ll say a thank you to my friends, family members, and the multitude of strangers who have served or currently are serving this country in the armed forces and whose service makes it possible for, among many other infinitely more important things, me to comfortably spend some of my spare time typing off-hand thoughts on here. More importantly, thanks to those of you who read about, and even donated to the documentary To Them That’s Gone. It’s about running, and running is a sport, so it’s cool. For today in particular, read Matt Ufford’s piece for The Classical preview, entitled “38 seconds.” It might literally be the least you could do.

Second, today is Corduroy Appreciation Day, and indeed it is the most important of such days in most of our lifetimes. A dear friend brought this to my attention, and he had a brief cameo in CBS’ report on last year’s day. Hail the wale!

Third, today is Nigel Tufnel Day, and like this instance of Corduroy Appreciation Day, today’s Nigel Tufnel Day is the most important of our lifetimes, as no day will go to eleven to the extent today does. Yahoo!’s Movie Talk has the background for the uninitiated, but this clip should show you all you need to know:

(HT: @cpramsdell)

What to do on this unprecedentedally celebratory day of days? My best advice is to rock it on your Les Paul in some red, white, and blue corduroy duds.

4 thoughts on “11|11|11: A three-for-one holiday

    • I don’t even know what that means.


      To be a holiday, observation of a happening would seem to require regular (commonly annual) repetition. I’m guessing the release of the Skyrim (envisioning something comparable to the loosing of a locust cloud somewhere in the desert) is not a repeated event. Ergo you bought me a falcon.

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