Lions not backing down from anyone (via Yahoo! Sports)

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the 2011 Lions, a team depicted as “evil” by the NFL’s own website even before they disrespected Tim Tebow.

Now allow me to let you in on a little secret: They just don’t give a damn.

In fact, there is a very clear message behind the Lions’ insolence: We’re not the pushovers we used to be. We’re here, we’re fierce – get used to it.

Determined to break an extended cycle of futility, the 6-2 Lions are exuding ‘tude at every turn. They are very much in step with the ethos of the city they call home: Tough, industrious, proud and very far from subtle.

Think transplanted “Beverly Hills Cop” detective Axel Foley meets “8 Mile” rapper “B-Rabbit” meets the 1980s Pistons Bad Boys, and you’ll get a sense of the way the Lions view themselves. … Read More

(via Yahoo! Sports)

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