Transition Monday

This past weekend didn’t feel as exciting as the previous one, from a sporting perspective (still deciding if that dependent clause is necessary), but it was a busy one.

On Friday, Dave Gavitt died. On Sunday, the collegiate athletic conference Gavitt founded and ran, the Big East, also died. Some may protest that the conference is not dead yet, but the decamping of Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC is the harbinger of the Big East’s now-inevitable death.

in addition to the regularly scheduled bundles of football, the weekend also saw AL Cy Young lock and legitimate MVP contender Justin Verlander earn his twenty-fourth win, as well as his twelfth straight start, with eight scoreless innings in Oakland. (As the improving Shane Ryan observed, Verlander “could become the first pitcher since Bob Welch in 1990 to win 25 games. That milestone would probably cement Verlander’s legendary status, because who can forget the great Bob Welch?”)

The final major happening of the weekend came in Las Vegas, where Floyd Mayweather knocked out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round. Full coverage, video, and instant analysis is available here.

As for the week ahead here, stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Transition Monday

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