There’s a new dress code in the Mountain West Conference

The AP reports:

Boise State players will no longer sport their all-blue uniforms for conference games on Bronco Stadium’s iconic blue turf, the result of a concession school officials say they made last year as part of the team’s entrance into the Mountain West Conference.

League Commissioner Craig Thompson said Tuesday during the league meeting that coaches believe Boise State gets a competitive edge when players wear blue helmets, jerseys and pants at home.

The Broncos have worn all blue at home for several years and built a 77-2 record and a 32-game winning streak on their home turf since 1999.

Coach Chris Petersen said his team intends to wear the signature uniforms for nonconference games against Tulsa and Nevada, but he finds the restriction for league games silly and an erosion of the team’s identity.

Beyond the silliness, there’s the obvious inconsistency with the policy, since it only applies to Boise State and not, as many have noticed, to other MWC members whose football teams wear similarly camouflaged uniforms and have done so for years. Colorado State, a charter member of the MWC, dresses its players in green and uses green turf at its home Sonny Lubick Field.

How many CSU football players appear in this picture? Craig Thompson can’t tell.

4 thoughts on “There’s a new dress code in the Mountain West Conference

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