Auburn University: Ok to throw toilet paper on sick trees

So long as they’re cleaned off by hand.

From Auburn University’s Office of Communications and Marketing:

July 2011 Update

Trees Task Force, team leader Gary Keever, Ph.D.
Since our June update from the Trees Task Force, there has been nothing new to report regarding the health of the trees. They continue to defoliate and re-foliate, as expected when the pesticide tebuthiuron is applied. The prognosis for their survival, as described since we first learned of the poisoning, remains poor, and the university is continuing to monitor them, irrigate them, and collect and remove fallen leaves from the site to avoid contamination of other areas.

It is likely that it will be at least spring 2012 – at the earliest – before we know if the trees will survive.

Members of the task force from horticulture, forestry, and agronomy and soils are in agreement that rolling the trees is not harmful, and have advised university administration that if the rolling celebration continues, they be cleaned by hand, rather than with power hoses as in the past. The high pressure hoses can injure the trees by knocking off foliage, trees and bark. We also recommend the barricades around the beds remain in place indefinitely.

If we ever start officially paying college athletes (not sure why I suddenly thought of that topic…), I look forward to work stoppages that include negotiations involving Ph.Ds in horticulture, forestry, and agronomy. War Eagle/Tiger/Plainsman.

(HT: @aaroninauburn)


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