First Run

There’s nothing like a serious undertaking to motivate unserious writing, and so ALDLAND was born. This site will be secondary to my more serious project and tertiary to my meta-/-emotional project, and I will aim to offer shorter, lighter commentary, primarily on sports and other popular culture and media.

Over the last few years, sports have become a more frequent diversion from my more serious and professional pursuits, using all of those adjectives loosely. If I had been more committed, I probably would’ve picked historically (or potentially prospectively) successful teams as my favorites. Luckily, friendships have allowed me to personally observe fans of the successful.

Not owning a TV, pop culture– by this, I of course mean reality television– is even less known to me, but as with sports, I have committed friends who keep me in the loop about the realest shows.

I’m hoping this can be casual and fun. Norm Macdonald is more of a sportswriter than I am, even if his new sports show got cancelled, (pop culture reference), and I am (fortunately) employed in a field for which I trained and that is not sports writing. Some combination of the things mentioned in this paragraph and things not mentioned in this paragraph led to me taking in much more sports coverage than actual sports viewing (did I mention I don’t have a TV?) over the last few years, so the derivative posture is a comfortable one.

It would be nice to develop this into a multi-author platform (polyphonic spree?). Signal me if you’d like to participate.

This post likely will self destruct in a week or two or just get moved somewhere else. And if I could get rid of these orange hyperlinks, I’d call that a good start.


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