Some things never change.

In a great blog post from the Athens-Clarke County Library Heritage Room, we get an article from this day in 1901, optimistically discussing Georgia’s (its unclear if it was the Goats or the Bulldogs at that point) chances in the upcoming season:

Coach Reynolds is one of the best coaches in the south, and he tolerates no foolishness on the gridiron.

Also worth noting, Coach Reynolds was already fighting a losing battle:

He has written urging that athletics be kept pure from politics.

Sorry, Coach, ain’t happening.

ESS-EEE-SEE: UnderDawgs

With the spread starting at 10 points and quickly moving to 13.5, Georgia goes into the SEC Championship against LSU game clear underdogs (by comparison, the spreads for the last two SEC Championship games Georgia played against LSU in 2003 and 2005, which they split, were 2 and 3 points.)

While I don’t dispute LSU’s place atop the the college football pile, even discounting my hopes as a homer, I think Georgia has a better shot than most give it credit for.  That said, don’t take my word for it:

General WWL blog coverage.

This and this So much for the “every game counts” argument.

Mark Richt is respectful, but not intimidated, of LSU.

Georgia’s defense is even more confident.

Former Bulldog Zach Mettenberger, heir apparent to the LSU QB throne, may or may not contribute this year.

Two posts from the venerable Senator Blutarsky on Georgia’s ability to keep up on defense and on offense.

A breakdown of a few important stats.

A report from behind enemy lines.

And of course, the NYTimes analysis of the bulldogs.  Not the Bulldogs, well, except Uga.


Just when you thought fans in the Southeastern Conference couldn’t get more insufferable, there’s this.  It’s a little fluky, but how do you like 3 teams from the SEC in BCS games?  I can’t say I love it after Georgia got passed over in 2007, but I’ve accepted that our ceiling this year is the Sugar Bowl, so whatever.

To recap: LSU and Bama to the National Championship and Georgia to the Sugar.  Boom.  S-E-C!  S-E-C!  S-E-C!  (It really is annoying, isn’t it.)

PTI Friday

I played nonstop, year-round soccer growing up, so outside of the Braves, I never really got sports fandom until college.  At that point, there were three things more than any other that turned me onto a culture that I’ve never since let go of.  First, Georgia football and all the accompanying tailgating, partying, and girls in sun dresses.  Second, and less obviously, NCAA Football (in particular NCAA Football 2003; we ended up buying 2004, but they screwed with all the passing settings, so we ditched it and went back to Joey Harrington); it literally taught me football — from post routes to defensive schemes (although anyone that teaches you that running a 7-man blitz package on every play will work is a poor teacher; I think my roommate put holes in the wall throwing the controller in frustration:  “THAT WOULD NEVER WORK!!!!”).  Third and finally, PTI, or Pardon the Interruption for the uninitiated.  PTI taught me how to “talk” about sports.  I could ask and answer questions about sports before then, but I was never conversant, never really part of the discussion.  But every afternoon at 4:30 (DVR was many years off), the roommates and I would plop down, turn on the TV, and the discussion began.  And here it is, continuing unabated.

So, it is with tremendous gratitude that I wish PTI a very Happy Birthday, on its 10-Year Anniversary (which is technically tomorrow, but who’s counting).