Magalan – Greenville, SC

My first conversation with AD involved him asking how I would decide which team to pull for in the yearly contest between Florida (my alma mater) and Vandy (my lawma mater). I stared in disbelief, and replied by asking if they’d had a football team when he was at Wellesley (or whichever northeastern liberal arts college it is that venerates Elihu Root). After that exchange, we had to found our friendship on a mutual appreciation of music. My tastes are wide ranging, but any band that makes good use of pedal steel or a hammond organ gets priority. Regarding sporting allegiances, my two-sizes-too-small heart has room for the Gators, and the Gators alone.

Commodawg – Atlanta, GA

Commodawg hails from the school of Herschel, Run Lindsey Run, and the Hobnail Boot, which begins to explain (but does not justify) why you might find him in a bright red Teletubby costume emblazoned with a “G” on any given Saturday.  While a stint at Vandy law school may have added the “commo,” the “dawg” will always reign supreme.  He lives for game day – a home brew in his hand, charred meat in his belly, and more simultaneously running TVs than the CNN Center.  The rest of the week, he practices law in the city of his youth, Atlanta, and dreams up ways to get paid for watching sports and drinking beer (so far, no luck).


Brendan (bpbrady) – Washington, D.C.

I’m Brendan.  Really the only thing you need to know about me is how much I love FIFA.  I love it a lot.  I don’t like to say that I am the best person ever to pick up a controller, because I’m not, but I can’t be far off.  My favorite sports teams are the Seattle Mariners, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons and FC Barcelona.  College-wise I claim allegiance to the Michigan Wolverines and Vanderbilt Commodores by virtue of having graduated from both of those NCAA powerhouses.  Sports-related things I do not enjoy include the Florida Gators, Florida Gator fans, Tim Tebow, the colors orange and whatever awful blue the Gators slap on their uniforms and of course anything associated with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Bdoyk – Nashville, TN

Bdoyk hails from the Merrimack Valley, land of dropped R’s and Boston fanaticism. Her love for all things red, blue, green, and gold was instilled at a young age and sealed with the receipt of a Little Tikes basketball hoop at age 5, on which she perfected her Robert Parish imitation. She’s currently displaced in the heart of the south and enthralled and baffled by everything affiliated with that. She’s a runner, jumper, skipper, phd student, and knows entirely too much about pop-culture from 1992-on. She also blogs about nothing coherent here.

Chris – Austin, TX

Whether it’s heavy metal, “fantasy books,” or top-flight European soccer, Chris pretty consistently goes to eleven in all phases of his life. A native New Yorker, Chris has traveled the world chasing Lou Reed and a variety of other high and low pursuits. His clothes are black but his heart is not. Loves his mother. Fears astronauts.

Marcus – Chicago, ILMarcus

You probably know Marcus as a co-host of the ALDLAND Podcast. What you might or might not know is that he is from Indiana and therefore likes Indiana stuff, as all Indianans are known to. That means IU sports, the Indianapolis Colts and Axl Rose (the only famous person from Indiana). His dislikes include Purdue, Purdue Pete, and people who claim that when Bruce Weber coached Illinois, he was the “handsomest coach in the B1G.” Serves as interim provost of ALDLAND’s Statistical Research and General Preparedness Department.



Physguy – Nashville, TN

After winning back-to-back firefighter of the year awards, he moved on to bigger and better things, including writing bizarre fiction and even more bizarre fact. He has experience in statistical analysis and clearly presenting already clear data. Once, when he was very young, he planned to be an astronaut, but he was sidetracked by other things (like mastering the art of science and the science of music). He has gained experience in graphic design through a previous business venture involving AD. It is these alleged graphic design skills that he brings to the table here at ALDLAND and for which he is paid in pure excitement and page views.

AD – Atlanta, GA

Radio aficionado and ALDLAND founder, he’s unsure whether he enjoyed the Tigers’ 2006 World Series run more or less than their 119-loss season in 2003, but he knows he approved of the Free Press’ “Road to XVI” coverage of the 2008 Lions. At various points a regular attendee of Big Ten football, SEC football and basketball, and NESCAC racquetball, he’s seen major league baseball in Detroit (old and new), Toronto, Chicago (Wrigley), New York (Yankees, old, against Montreal), Seattle, Washington, D.C. (RFK), and Atlanta. Fan of the blues, bluegrass, 50s-70s rock & roll, and the overlap between Warren Zevon and hockey. Played fantasy XFL. Also blogs at QuestionsPresented.