The yard sale at Upton Abbey continues

It’s been a while– too long– since the last dispatch from Upton Abbey, but today’s news commands an update. The Braves’ offseason has been one filled with departures. First, they allowed a number of their free-agent pitchers– Ervin Santana, Kris Medlen, … Continue reading


Upton Abbey – S2E1 – April Showers

As planned, ALDLAND conducted a show of force during the Braves’ home-opening week, making our presence felt during game three of each series, which were played against the Mets and Nationals. Although Atlanta lost that game and the series to … Continue reading

Upton Abbey: Season Two Preview

Upton Abbey is our Atlanta Braves series, now in its second season. B.J. and Justin Upton are off to rough starts, but overall, the state of Upton Abbey is strong. Tune in all season long right here on ALDLAND. The … Continue reading

Upton Abbey – Episode 8 – Director’s Commentary

I have been running this Upton Abbey feature on this site since April. Brendan helped me with the name, and I created the headline graphic that has accompanied each post. Readers with a careful eye have noticed that that graphic … Continue reading

Upton Abbey: Episode 7 – Dessert Seized

There will be extra baseball in Atlanta this year. The Braves clinched the NL East title over the weekend, ensuring themselves a postseason berth. With a few days left in the regular season, their potential playoff opponents include the Cardinals, … Continue reading

Upton Abbey: Episode 6 – I Can See Clearly Now?

Yesterday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Dan Uggla, Braves second baseman, would be placed on the disabled list in order for him to undergo Lasik eye surgery: In the midst of the worst season of his career, Braves second baseman … Continue reading

Upton Abbey: Episode 5 – Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner

Dinner is a popular event at the Abbey, and after last episode’s three-course meal, it seems it’s supper time again. This episode presents a baseball-themed inversion of a classic dinner trope, as there was no dinner guest to be found … Continue reading

Upton Abbey: Episode 4 – A Three-Course Meal

We are long overdue for a visit with the Uptons. How about a dinner date? (They’ll probably make Chick-fil-A if you ask nicely and are willing to wait until the third inning.) Appetizer: Team status small talk Right now, Atlanta … Continue reading

Upton Abbey: Episode 3 – Hosting Royalty

I attended my first Atlanta Braves game last night, with the then-AL-Central-leading Kansas City Royals in town for the first of two games in thirty-six hours. Getting to Turner Field via public transportation is easy, particularly considering Atlanta’s bad reputation … Continue reading