Who knew people in Alabama use the Interwebs?

“Yeah, no.”  This phrase — celebrated among a group of friends AD and I share — was the first thing that came to mind when he suggested I contribute to this blog (by which I mean to say that I was included on a group email that went out to what is like to be the full contingent of readers this blog has in the near future).  In any event, after (1) a quick review of the quality of ALDLAND posts (and in spite of some of the preposterous suggestions AD has made — we all know who first “owned” the G) and (2) a bit of reflection on the fact that although I consume an unhealthy amount of internet junk-food, I have yet to contribute in any meaningful (or meaningless, as the case may be) way, I thought “No, yeah” and decided to give things a whirl.  My humble apologies in advance.

Since I have very little in the way of original musings to contribute, I’ll begin by linking to an NYTimes blog post on college football fandom around the country.  While I disagree with any methodology that puts the number of Georgia Tech ahead of the number of Georgia fans, I think the broader conclusions the post makes are interesting, if not illuminating, particularly in the midst of all the conference realignment talks.  A couple things stood out to me, particularly as an SEC fan.  First, as alluded to in the title of this post, I found it pretty amazing (maybe I shouldn’t have, given the fervor of every Bama or Auburn fan that I’ve ever met), that Birmingham might be the 6th-largest college football market in the country.  Second, if A&M does in fact join the SEC, it will immediately have the largest fan base in the conference (again, accepting the dubious methodology in question).  Slive might be onto something after all.

Anyhow, just a couple thoughts in what really is a must-read piece.  Hope you enjoy.

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